Friday, August 19, 2011

Health and Fitness: Well Being

My Family is so unhealthy!

Hey guys!! So I decided to do this post not to offend my family..but just to tell you guys how unhealthy we have become!! We may not feel it..but unhealthy acts are all around us!! So let us begin considering the faults of my family and lets see how similar they are to yours!!
Fast Food Alert!!
Problem: Okay so problem number one that I feel in my home is that most of the time what happens is that my parents bring fast food for dinner..especially lunch time.. Actually my mom has a job so of course when she comes back home..laying back and relaxing is the main motive in her either we end up eating burgers, Pepsi or just plain Chinese rice..but all from fast food outlets..
What you can hopefully do: You yourself can create healthy recipes..Simply log on to the internet and search for healthy chicken or tuna sandwiches that you can make..or simply convince your family to buy more fruits and vegetables..Well since its Ramadan over basically its like going into a healthy diet with mixed fruits and other delicacies made from veggies specially spinach and bringal (which are served during iftar time)..
Being a Lazy-Couch-Potato
Problem: Okay, so what mainly happens around the house is that my brother (and I am thinking your siblings as well) while watching TV, lies around the couch like the most laziest person in town..and I know how many of you guys yourself, just feel like lying around watching TV, and eating a gazillion junk foods along with it..and feeling like heaven!!
What you can hopefully do: Okay, so instead of shouting at your siblings to get a move on, try something which will hardly get them offended and will get them moving and exercising at the same about a walk in the park..or simply taking the stairs instead of the lift..or trying to challenge your siblings of who can reach the desired place faster on foot..or simply do what I do..I mostly challenge my brother to run up at the terrace and I time his laps..challenging him and mocking that without actually him knowing, he actually loses a lot of his calories!!
Problem: So a lot of dads out there smoke mostly due to tension or just to gain pleasure..the main thing that I don’t get is..that everyone knows the bad effects of smoking like lung cancer and everything..Yet, they still want to smoke!!
What you can hopefully do: So I still remember showing my dad all these biology books..and I would show him the pictures and tell him the effects of smoking..and I think that you can do the same..even if your dad doesn’t get convinced he will be assured that you care about him and maybe he might lower the number of cigarettes or smoke outside the house..leaving the home’s air clean and pure..
So try these little tids-and-bits and I am hundred percent sure that when your family starts learning that you want them to turn into health-maniacs, I am sure they will be encouraged and drop their bad unhealthy habits..

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