Friday, August 12, 2011

Beauty Secret: Yogurt Galore!!

Healthy Skin and Hair Trick

How many of you gals suffer from acne, blemishes or let alone simply pimples?? And since its summer, so how many of you are suffering from dry skin out there?? I know I am!! So here is a simple trick and if you apply this, gone will be the days for your never-ending zits and dry skin!! And the plus side?? You don’t even have to spend tons of money on any of those moisturizers or anti-acne creams..!!

So here is the secret..Simply take a spoonful of yogurt and apply it all over your skin..Make sure that before you apply the yogurt itself, your face should be clean from any creams or anything that you might have applied earlier..Let the yogurt set on your face for the next 20 minutes..Then rinse it off, pat dry and feel the difference radiating from your skin!!..I would recommend that you apply a cleanser after rinsing because some of the yogurt particles might still be present on your skin, which cannot be seen by your naked eyes..The reason I am telling you guys this is that I used to apply yogurt without applying cleanser afterwards..and I ended up with more pimples!! So do cleanse your face afterwards..

You can also apply it to your hands and nails and see the difference as it makes it soft and supple!!

The reason why yogurt is beneficial for skin is that it provides natural enzymes and oils to skin which act as a moisturizer for you will also reduce you skin’s pore size, remove your tan and give you a beautiful and natural glowing skin!!

Got dandruff?? Simply take 2 spoonfuls of yogurt and mix it with a spoonful of olive oil..Apply all over your hair..especially the roots..I know the smell of yogurt alone can drive you guys crazy!!..but by adding olive oil it nullifies the smell to some extent..and olive oil itself nourishes your hair making it soft and silky..

So now I guess you guys all must be heading to the refrigerator to take out some of this heavenly yogurt that I just told you guys of!! Be sure, however, that the yogurt you are using is pure or better yet fresh and new..because a week old yogurt can give rise to pimples..So do apply yogurt to skin and hair and feel the difference!!

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