Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life Hereafter

Life is a journey..which may be short for some and long for change our life into something that will help us in the hereafter..should be the main purpose of living..We should live our lives as such that we would be welcomed by Allah and the angels..If we are welcomed as such, the problems, the depression we had faced in our lives would be long forgotten..and when men will be taking our body to the grave we would not be crying to stop us from burying..but we would be happy that we would be finally meeting up with Allah and gaining the full rewards of our good deeds that we did in our life..
Just as in protests when people go for hunger strikes to get their desires fulfilled by the government authorities, we the Muslims should go for a hunger strike so that Allah will be propelled to give us Jannat in the hereafter..Hunger strike constitutes fasting in Islam..
Just as we are conscious of what we eat when we are dieting we should be conscious of our actions and should be aware of whatever that is entering in our body..we should contemplate whether whatever we are doing is good thing to do or a bad thing..and if we are doing a good deed, we should consider whether we will be receiving small or large rearwards from it.. For example when we go for a diet..we consider all the facts as in the quantity of fat, or calories of the food, that we would eat, contain..and if it contains more calories we let go of it since it will make us fat or out of shape..Same is the case with bad deeds..if we are aware that what we are doing is wrong we should try to let go of that habit..
If when starting a prayer or Salat if we contemplate on the rewards that we will be receiving after saying our prayer, we will be more willing to perform Salat..Same is the case if for example a worker knows how much he will get paid for if he works in 5 mins or in an hour, he will try to double his work and his strength to gain more and more we should try to gain more and more rewards in the same way..
If we find our roads to be blocked by traffic we should recite Alam Nashra..Same is the case with life's journey..if we find it blocked or cant find a way out we should recite this Surah which will benefit us..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Importance of Surah Yasin

Are you depressed?? Have you been decieved by people?? Is there sadness in your life and a never ending feeling of hopelessness..then this Surah is for you..
Surah Yassen, as we all know, is also known as the heart of the Quran..This Surah is so beneficial..and has unlimited advantages..But why is this Surah so important?? why does it have unlimitless powers??
This Surah has powers because it starts with the word *Yaseen*..Although many scholars have tried to interpret its meaning but to no avail..Well renowned translators have also faiuled to do so..why??
This is because the word *Yaseen* itself comes from a set of words..known as *Ism-e-Azam*..
Ism-e-Azam are a group of words..whose meaning is unknown to us..but can be considered as code words between Allah's Prophets..or a few beloved people..and Allah..
The word of Yaseen itself has so much powers..and if you read the entire Surah you will get so many rewards..
There are 2 amals related to this Surah..If you read 2 rakat of nafal prayers with the intention of any wish or with the intention of forgiveness..and read Surah Yaseen after Surah Fatiha in both the Rikaats..if you dont know Surah Yassen by heart then read Surah Kafiroon in first rikaat and Surah Ikhlaas in the second one..if you dont know Surah Kafiroon by heart then read Surah Ikhlass in both the rikaats..After your Durood-e-Ibraheem 3,5 or 7 times before and after reciting Surah Yaseen 3 times..
The second amal is also very easy.. Take rose water and mix yellow food color in it..or simply take zaffran and write thw word *Yaseen* on biscuit, or roti or write it on paper.. and dip the paper in a water bottle..and eat and drink these things..and you will be rewarded with 5 things
Those 5 things include: Allah will consider you His friend and save you from many problems like depression, Secondly it will save you from jealousy, thirdly from dark or black magiic, fourthly from memory enhances your memory..and lastly if you have eye problems like if your vision is blurred or if you have any disese like *motiya*, then this is the cure for you!!
If thhere is loneliness, depression or the love between a married couple is dimishing..or if you fear that your children are in disobedience..then this Surah is the cure for all..If you recite Surah Yaeen in the moring Allah will protect you and you will end up having a beutiful lively day..It protects you from becoming dependant on others on the basis of money..If you are having problem in your buisness then this Surah is for you..
Do perform the amals and spread this knowledge to others!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hadith of the Day Part 1

"The excellence of the Quran over all other expressions is like the excellence of Allah over His creation"
In this Hadith the excellence of the Holy Quran has been described.
Muslims should believe in Holy Quran and its teachings because it is the foundation of our religion and the source of Islamic teachings. As the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, "Verily the most veracious discourse is the book of Allah and the finest of the narratives is the Holy Quran."
Being a Muslim, the believers should learn how to recite it.They should be aware of all phonetic rules of its recitation. They should try to know its requirements and act upon them. Lastly it is the obligation of each Muslim that he should convey the message of Holy Quran to those people who are astray or yet, unaware of Quranic teachings.