Monday, September 5, 2011

DMC Alert (EeeeP!!)

University Mania

Assalam-o-alikum!! Hey guys, it has been a while since I wrote any post..and the main reason is inter!! Ughhh..boy do I hate studying it!! And the fact that I just read the Sunday newspaper and found out that the test date for DMC has at last been finalized.. its 2nd of October!! They also mentioned the dates of form submission to be 17th of September..Ah!! so I guess the real tension begins from this month!! Seriously there is loads of studying to do and I have not even finished revising half of the syllabus!! Its extremely nauseating to destroy your holidays and study inter like this..but I hope in the end it will be all worthwhile..InshAllah!! Who ever is reading this do pray..because I believe in prayers and luck..more than studying itself!! Lol!!So besides all this tension..Ramazan has finally come to an end..and so has Eid!! This year my Eid went quite awesome!! The fact that it rained most of the day, here in Pakistan, during the first day of Eid was absolutely great!! Because we usually don’t go out in the rain..but this time we were sort of outside when the rain began!! So all my clothes did get wet..but it was fun!! And it was even more fun seeing all those motocycle or bike riders getting all wet..who, sadly did not even have a car’s roof to shelter them from the rain!! And the Eidi that I got was around 3000..which I think was less as compared to last year..i guess its all part of growing up..u know..more age, less eiddi!! Hehe!! Besides that my brother’s papers have also its like tension zone at the house right I really can’t wait for this month to get over!! and whoever is giving tests or are about to give tests..tons of good luck from my side!! Okay so that’s it from my side..I’ll write as soon as I get time!! Loads of Love..and live a happy life!! Buh-bye!!

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