Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The life of a miracle

Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

When the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was under the care of his grandfather, Abdul Mutalib, his grandfather recognized qualities in his grandson of a Prophet. One of the traditions also said that the last Prophet will be from from his generation which further confirmed Abdul Mutalib of his grandson to be a Prophet..So before Abdul Mutalib died, he cried as it would be the last time that he would be seeing his grandson..Muhammad (SAW) was then given to Abu Talib, his uncle, who protected him for the next 40 years..It can be said that Abu Talib was rewarded for his protected behavior by being gifted with a son, named Hazrat Ali(RA)..who later supported the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during his prophet hood and later became his son-in-law as well.. Hazrat Ali (RA) also got the title of Haider, Bahadur Shahsawar and Ali Almurtaza..When the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) got 12 years old, he got the responsibility for taking care of things of his uncle's caravan..One of the persons, where the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stayed, called Rahib, noticed a cloud over the Prophet and saw that wherever he went the cloud also went up with him..It was at that time that Rahib immediately recognized Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as the last Prophet..Rahib then told Abu Talib about his theories and told him not to take the Prophet to Shaam (a place where the caravan was heading) because he thought that the non-muslims would kill him..But he should not have feared for this because the Prophet (SAW) was not alone..He had Allah as a protector for him..When Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) turned 25 he again went for Shaam (for trading purposes for the sake of Hazrat Khadija (RA)) ..and on his way he again met Rahib, who recognized the Prophet (SAW) immediately..There are several evidences indicating that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last of the Prophets..One of the traditions said that he would be from Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) generation (which turned out to be true)..Other evidences are shown in Taurait that from Hazrat Ismail (AS) generation, the son of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), the last Prophet would emerge..

To be continued..


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