Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer is here!!

Tension in the Summer air

Assalamoalikum Everyone, and a giant hello from my side!! First of all, i would really like to thank everyone for following me and leaving behind such beautiful comments!! You know I swear, I would have closed down this blog, if I had not received such appreciation!! So thank you once again!!
Now lets get down to the tough stuff!! Summer has just started but seriously speaking it doesn't even feel like summer!! I mean I have to study an entirely new course for my aptitude tests this September, and I am hell scared for it!! I mean I have given only one aptitude test until now..and that also I flunked!! So now you do realize how tensed I am because what if I don't get in?? Do pray for me you guys, because I really believe in prayers!! Apart from all that tension, I have been hanging out with friends, like just recently we went for "Arena", and we did bowling for the first time!! It was hell fun!!
So anyways, keep following this blog to unroll more secrets and surprises!! Hope you guys have a great summer!!

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