Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beauty Secret: Dark Circles

Dark Circle Removal Technique

Okay, so loads of people out there experience dark rims around their eyes..which are commonly called as dark circles..There are many reasons for its cause..especially lack of sleep..And definitely many cures for it..Well mostly girls apply a concealer to hide dark circles but honestly make-up can never be a permanent cure for anything..After all you have to remove make-up at the end of the day and reveal your true face!!

So I am going to tell you a technique which is really easy to follow..And I think everyone has that curable magic lying around in their house..Water and some facial wipes..Now I bet the first thing you MUST be all having it in your place!! So all you have to do is grab some facial wipes (new ones of course!!) and run some tap water over it..Then put these facial wipes in a freezer for overnight..Next day, the first thing that you have to do in the morning is, open up your freezer and take these out.. Make sure you apply these either right after or before sleep for maximum effects..When you take these out they would obviously have harden…Gently press it over the dark areas..You can even apply it all over your face..After this gently massage your face and areas around your eyes with your fingertips..to increase the blood flow..because who wants a frozen face!! To be honest I never really had dark circles but as they say prevention is better than cure!! So do try it out and have those dark circles removed in no time!!


  1. Good Idea. I will try it & tell u the effect ;)
    I've follow u & i hope u do the same too ;)