Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Life Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Before the Prophet (SAW) was even born people used to worship various things..Like the sun , the moon or the stars or even random things like sweet meats or cheese ( and after worshipping these things they used to eat it..) Their sole purpose of doing such worship was because they had seen their ancestors doing such worship and hence they were merely just following them..There were many evil doings of the society at if a daughter was born to a family she would be buried alive simply because of the shame that her father would recieve upon seeing her..Islam rejects such a behaviour because Allah has promised to provide "Rizq" to all..Allah has privided this world with clouds to provide water from, and land from which many crops can be grown..At that time evil doers were given more respect..Drinking alcohal, stealing etc were considered such common deeds that they were not even considered as sins..With the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the entire world was struck by goodness and kindness..Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born to Abdullah (who died shortly before his birth) and Amna (who died when Muhammad (SAW) turned 6).. He was then given in the custody of his grandfather Abdul Mutalib who also died when Muhammad (SAW) turned 8..The main reason of why his destiny was like this was so that worldly pleasures and love would become unimportant..To prepare him for Prophethood, destiny made him an orphan, who was neither too rich nor too poor so that he would trust in Allah alone..It is true that if a leader himself is an orphan he will be kindhearted to others..Hence he looked after the orphans and never did he in his life ever scolded an orphan or turned down on a needy person..
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