Saturday, June 4, 2011

In and Out

An End and a Beginning

Assalamoalikum everyone!!
This is me, Sehrish Anwer and this is my first ever blogspot ever!! I have always wanted to make one..but never really got the now that i do have time so i decided why not give it a shot??
Summer break has just started with the ending of A'level life. I will never forget the experience that I had in A levels..To be honest A Level was hell lot fun than O'levels..I guess it had something to do with all those long breaks that we were given between our periods..we could practically do anything!! Like play chess board games, ludo, cards and you could bring in guitar and play that..somehow it seemed like High School Musical to me when you know the music society of our school used to play guitars and sing together..I remember the first time I held the guitar..although I learned just a few bases but it was hell lot of fun!! So anyways now that is over, I will keep you guys posted about what's happening new in my life..always wanted to be a journalist so why not start from here?? lol!!

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