Saturday, August 24, 2013

Health and Science Perception:Old problem, New solution!!

Hey guys I am back again!! Those of you who are in medicine know what I am talking about!! It's so difficult to find time in your busy schedule, and therefore I hardly get time to blog. So, today I wanted to post up an article relating acne, and yes I know what a major concern acne is for more than 80% of the people reading this article.
Acne or pimples usually appear on a person's face due to some dietry imbalance, changes in metabolism or hormonal changes and most commonly it occurs due to allergy to some irritant present in a facial product or the environment. We have read so many magazines telling us to use this and that magic cleanser or cream and within a few days or so, ZAP and BOOM goes our pimple. But is it true?? Although a cleanser might vanish away that irritable acne but it also makes a person dependant upon it, and hardly counters or corrects the inner metabolic problem.
Recently, a research into the benefits of acupuncture revealed that acne can be well enough cured through acupuncture. What is more beneficial is that acupuncture helps cure the body's stress levels as well, which further helps in curing away the problem. Together with herbal medicines acupuncture is the new modern Technique to get rid of those pimples.
Now lets look into what acupuncture really is. Acupuncture is a fine method which makes use of Sterilized needle like pins which inserts through your skin and gives your brain the 'go' sign to Correct the underlying problem.
Acupuncture is also known for its beneficial effects in treating chronic back pain, headaches, heart burn and is now known for its treatment in reducing weight!
Acupuncture is not the only solution for reducing your acne. Try seaweed to replenish those clogged pores, switch cow's milk for almond milk and white bread for whole wheat bread. And last but not the least, stop popping away those zits! It worsens the skin even more.

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