Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Busy Busy Busy ME!!

From University to Home and then back again!!
Assalam-o-alikum Everyone!! It has been a while since I wrote anything..and its mainly because I have been super busy with my Dow University..!! But its really exciting to go everyday to a place where you have always dreamt of going..and finally after sOo many years of hard work..to finally get into your dream university is hell fun!! The weirdest part though is that everyone has started calling me a doctor!! Because I have to wear a lab coat to get into the university..so its like my new nick name is Dr. Sehrish now..LOL!! and just recently we went to this Civil Hospital..and saw two fresh new DEAD bodies!! That got me speechless for a while!! And as far as the studies are concerned..haven't even opened up the books!! Hope you guys are having fun and enjoying the chilly weather..till then..chao!!

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